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SNS (Dip Powder) vs. Acrylic vs. Liquid Gel vs. Gel Manicure

Clients always ask me whether they should do this or that or that. My answer is: it depends. What is it that at the end of the day you would like?

Answers to the following questions will help us determine the best products for your needs:

1. Do you need extra length or would you like to do on top of your natural nails. If you want length, Gel Manicure is out of the picture.

2. Do you plan to keep up with it every 3-4 weeks?

3. Are you allergic to Acetone extended soaking? If yes, SNS requires the most soaking time (15')

4. Are you comfortable with the UV/LED gel lamp? If you aren't happy with the lamps, gel is out of the question.

5. What is your budget today? What is the budget for keeping it up every 3-4 weeks?

The best manicurists are the ones that listen to the needs of the clients and suggest the best suited products. The best clients are the ones that communicated what they need and want!

Happy Nails Day

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Colinnie Zhao
Colinnie Zhao

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